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hi, I'm sue.

A lot of people say my paintings are cute or whimsical. And sometimes they are.


But I invite you to look a little closer. A lot of times there's something else going on. When I get an idea for a painting it's often because something is troubling me. Sometimes I don't even realize it until I'm deep into the painting. Ideas start falling into place as I layer on the colors; insights take shape along with the painting.


I like to paint animals and trees and nature. They just seem to be the frequencies I'm tuned into. I feel viewing our human experiences in the guise of animals can provide a fresh perspective compared to seeing a human in a painting. 

I hope my paintings give you a pause to think, to imagine, or simply to enjoy.


Sue received a BA in Art Studio from UC Santa Barbara, and has spent most of her career as a graphic designer. She participates in the Greater Ithaca Art Trail and has shown works in several local group exhibitions.

Along the way, she's also worked for TV and documentary projects in Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, and enjoyed other international travels; wrangled trail horses for dude rides in California, and lived in London, England as a child. 


Sue lives in Ithaca, NY with her wife, two dogs, two cats, three goldfish, and 17 chickens; and is the proud mom of an adult son and stepdaughter.


Rest Gallery - 2023 Juried Exhibition, Ithaca, NY

Rude & Bold Women, November 2022, Binghamton, NY

Ithaca Art Trail Group Show, Ithaca NY, 2019-2023

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