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Busy August!

Thanks to the Community Arts Partnership, it feels like my work is all over the place this month! I've got some paintings in the CAP windows down on Ithaca Commons...

... plus a really cool virtual exhibit -- check it out here.

And I made a quick little video of some of my paintings in their natural environment for First Friday gallery night. Yup, I am really this dorky ;-)

I was also one of the artists on the Greater Ithaca Art Trail First Saturday chat -- it was a wonderful opportunity to get to see some of the amazing artists here show their work and studios and galleries. Check out the recording here, it was really fun and inspiring!

A big thank you to Robin Schwartz and Olivia Pastella at Community Arts Partnership -- they do an AMAZING job promoting local artists! Big thank yous also to my lovely wife and stepdaughter for lugging a bunch of sticks and paintings back and forth into the woods ;-)

But wait, there's more! Fantastic Ithaca-based filmmaker Sue Perlgut is making a documentary called "Women Artists Have Their Say" And I had some things to say!

Plus I'm looking forward to open studio weekends on the Ithaca Art Trail in October... I'm cooking up some fun ideas that will be safe for social distancing...

All of this motivated me to re-do my website, which you see here...

Whew! I need to get back to some painting now!

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