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More Possum!

This one took quite a while to complete, but I really enjoyed it!

I knew I wanted to paint another possum... but I wanted to paint some action for a change, not just a static portrait.

Flipping around through my art books, I got a little bit inspired by Bernini's "Ecstasy of St. Teresa"... I was struck by this weirdly erotic religious state of ecstasy...

Which just sort of led to... frog cherubs and adoring worms and fungus spirits and a few magic mushrooms...

I quite like the bottom part especially, the way the vermillion underpainting worked around the little fungus spirits. There's a lot more activity going on here compared to most of my paintings. I figured it warranted a new way of signing so I'm trying out just my initials and year...maybe it will stymie the experts on Antiques Roadshow when these fine works show up long after I'm gone...

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